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Yog For Hepatitis A, B, C / Jaundice / Liver Psoriasis


  • Model: VCD Hindi Yog For Hepatitis A, B, C / Jaundice / Liver Psoriasis

Original Genuine Hologram Sealed.
Description :
Yoga, Acupressure, Pranayama & Medicines for the treatment of very serious diseases like Hepatitis A, B, C / Jaundice / Liver Psoriasis are shown and treated by this VCD
The regular consumption of Alcohol, Cold Drink, and Fried Foods has also become the cause of dreaded liver related diseases in millions of people for some extent genetic is one of the reason for liver ailments in this VCD the given program will fill the life with the hope getting rid of it.
In modern medical science, there was a wrong notion that liver related problems cannot be cured, but we have given the scientifically proven treatment of lever related problems by yoga, pranayama, Ayurvedic Medicine, Accupresuure and Natural methods. People by practicing the methods given in this VCD have cured from all types of lever related serious ailments. and we have scientific proof also.

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