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Sarvakalp Kwath (for Liver Problems and Jaundice) 100gm


  • Model: Sarvakalp Kwath 100gm
  • Manufactured by: Divya Pharmacy

(100 gams of Divya Sarvakalp Kwath produced by Swami Ramdev?s D Y M Trust)

Main Ingredients:

Punarnava,Bhumyamalaki, Aragvadha (Amaltas), Kaka-maci (Makoy), etc.

Therapeutic Uses:
By the intake of this decoctionthe liver gets stimulated, and as a result of which, the liver starts doing its work perfectly;
Because of the intake of polluted orpacked food, polluted drinks (soft drinks, cold drinks, tea, coffee, etc.), different types of poisonous chemicals get accumulated inside of ourbody which results in the sluggishness (inactivity) of the liver. This gives rise to different types of diseases including jaundice. As jaundicebecomes chronic, it converts into an incurable stage such as hepatitis B & C. This Sarva-kalpa Kvatha activates the liver and makes ithealthy after curing the chronic stages of hepatitis B & C.
Cures jaundice, enlargement and sweling of liver, oedema, oliguria, oedema allover the body, pain in the stomach and lower abdomen, indigestion of food and loss of appetite.

Mode of Administration:

Boil oneteaspoonful (5gm. approx.) of this kwath with one tumbler (300 ml. approx.) of water till one fourth of it remains. After straining, it should betaken on an empty stomach in the morning one hour before dinner or at bed time. If patient is suffering from constipation then 8-10 munakkas(raisins) should be added while boiling.

(100 grams of Divya Sarvakalp Kwath produced by Swami Ramdev?s D Y M Trust)

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