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Special Chyawanprash 1kg


  • Model: Special Chyawanprash
  • Manufactured by: Divya Pharmacy

(1 kilogram [2.2 pounds] of Divya Chyawanprash produced by Swami Ramdev's D Y M Trust)

Therapeutic Uses:
Chyawanprash is useful not only for patients but also is an excellent rejuvenator (tonic) for healthy persons.
It removes physical & mental weakness caused by any reason, strengthens lungs as well as heart. After curing cough, phlegm and bronchitis, it makes the body nourished & compact.
After nourishing the seven dhatus of the body (tissue elements, viz.
(1) rasa or chyle including lymph,
(2) rakta or the haemoglobin fraction of the blood,
(3) mamsa or muscle, tissue,
(4) medas or fat tissue,
(5) asthi or bone tissue,
(6) majja.or bone marrow, and
(7) shukra or the sperm in male & ovum in female) it promotes strength, virility, energy, lustre & intellect.
People of all age-groups and genders including children women & old persons, can take this medicine equally.

Mode of Administration:

Twice on empty stomach, milk should be taken after half an hour.


1-2 teaspoonfuls (1.5-2.5 tolas or15gm.-25gm;), twice a day.

(1 kilogram [2.2 pounds] of Divya Chyawanprash with Ashtavarga Healing Plants produced by Swami Ramdev's D Y M Trust)

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