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Chandraprabha Vati (for Urinary Disease) 40gm


  • Model: Chandraprabha Vati
  • Manufactured by: Divya Pharmacy

40 grams of Divya Chandraprabha Vati produced by Swami Ramdev's D Y M Trust.)

Therapeutic Uses:
Very famous& useful medicine for the diseases of urinary organs & uterus as well as seminal disorders.
Cures mutra-kricchra (dysuria) causedbyprostate enlargement, suppression of urination, joint pains, arthritis, cervical sciatica, weakness, stone in urinary tract, all types ofprameha (obstinate urinary diseases including diabetes), bhagandara (fistula-in-ano), testicle enlargement, anemia, kamala (serious type ofjaundice), piles & lumbar pain; promotes fluid and nourishment in the body.
Promotes strength, nourishment & lustre, produces gradual& permanent effect in prameha (obstinate urinary disorders including diabetes) & complications arising out of it; cures seminal disorders caused by gonorrhea and syphilis.
Brings about lustre in men & women who have become lustreless due to excessive seminal discharge& menstruation respectively.
Nourishes tissue elements (rasa, rakta, etc.) in the patients suffering from weakness ( emaciation )& paleness of body, suppression of the power of digestion, dyspnoea caused by little exertion shrunken eyes & anorexia (loss of appetite);alleviates vayu and makes the body lustrous as well as splenderous after nourishing it.

Mode of Administration:

To be takenwith hot water/milk or with any other medicine according to the requirement of the patient.


2-4 tabs., twice or thrice aday.

(40 grams of Divya Chandraprabha Vati produced by Swami Ramdev's D Y M Trust.)

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